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What is MBCC (Mindfulness Based Coach Camp)?

MBCC is a coaching program for training and developing world class coaching practitioners of Mindful Coaching.

It is also a networking community, open to anyone interested in exploring principles of coaching and communication.

What is Mindful Coaching?

Mindfulness is the foundation of Mindful Coaching, and it is the very essence of our practice; A coach’s self-awareness and self-management are vital to managing a client’s success.


Amongst the myriad of existing coaching method, Mindful Coaching is a new and unique practice, a meta skill, to optimize these methods and approaches.

Cutting-edge elements – somatic approach, neuroscience including mindfulness meditation, emotional intelligence (EI) – are integrated at MBCC in the provision of world class coaching excellence.

Mindful Coaching aims to empower and optimize the relationship and the dialogue process between a coach and a client.

Our team

– Founder of MBCC
– ICF Certified MCC
– 6Seconds EQ Practitioner
– SEI Assessor
Tensei is passionate to support business leaders and organizations to better transform and make innovations to help organizations to grow.

Tensei focuses on optimization of Mind, Vision, Role, Action – 4 key elements in designing and development of structural approaches in coaching.

– MBCC Senior Coach
– ICF Certified PCC
– 6Seconds SEI EQ Assessor
Hideko is a vastly experienced coach and a pioneer in the Japanese coaching industry.

She is also well known as a mentor coach known for her candid and cordial feedback.

– MBCC Global Training Coordinator
– MBCC Learning Coach
– ICF Certified PCC
Ayako’s coaching career goes back to year 2001.

She has years of experience as a personal coach to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ayako’s broad knowledge of the coaching industry is invaluable to MBCC’s efforts to develop a world-class coaching program.

Hiroshi YAMDA
– MBCC Trainer
– Corporate Trainings Project Leader
– ICF Certified PCC
– DiSC®Trainer
Hiroshi is a Coach and an executive businessperson in a well-known IT company.

His expertise includes coaching executives, organizational management, and global operations.

Hiroshi’s ability to accept any and all people creates a psychologically safe environment, allowing for participants in his training sessions to fully participate and take advantage of his expertise.

– MBCC Trainer
– Project Leader
– ICF Certified ACC
– 6Seconds SEI EQ Assessor
– DiSC® Trainer
Miho has years of experience in people development.

Her expertise are leadership and communications, and she is passionate to promote coaching culture in organizations to make workplaces rewarding.

– MBCC Trainer
– Corporate Trainings Project Leader
– ICF Certified PCC
– CTI Certified CPCC
– DiSC® Trainer
Ken, with vast experience as a manager and an executive, brought in coaching and mindfulness in his organization.

Not only is he an internal coach to his organization, he continues to put his effort in facilitating coaching and communications trainings.

– MBCC Training Projects Leader
– ICF Certified ACC
– DiSC® Trainer
Shino has wide experience in pharmaceutical industry.

Her expertise helps not only the health care workers but also those in need for special advice in medicine.

She has passion to pursuit her career in coaching, communications, and medicine, allowing her to teach at Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Science at Hokkaido University.

Tomoko IRIE
– MBCC Communications Project Leader
– ICF Certified ACC
Tomoko has various experience in education.

She is involved with numerous associations, and her passion goes beyond to support human rights and parenting.

People development and community development are Tomoko’s expertise.

– ICF Certified PCC
– DiSC® Trainer
Misako’s career as a coach started in year 2007.

Misako’s working experience in various industries including teaching at a coaching school allows her to broaden her activities to personal coaching, facilitating seminars and workshops in universities and organizations.

Chiyo UEDA
– MBCC Project Leader
– ICF Certified PCC
– DiSC® Trainer
Chiyo has many years of experience in sales in hospitality business.

As a certified coach, Chiyo contributed in delivering leadership and communications trainings within her organization.

Her dedication to support career and business development has helped many companies to improve its business.

MBCC Program Advisor

Daniel Charleton-Guitteaud, Ph.D.

aniel holds PhD from Paris School of Management and has years of experience as a consultant to global companies – IBM, Banque Francaise Commerciale, CMT.

With many years of practicing meditation, Daniel founded a method introducing mindfulness in executive coaching.

Daniel is recognized for his great contributions in coaching CEOs of well-known companies, politicians, and medical specialists.

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