Mindfulness Based Coach Camp 運営指針




The organization’s Disability/Discrimination/DEIJ statement


We have set up an inquiry desk for prospective students who have some kind of handicap in learning, and are always looking for possibilities to provide individualized support according to each situation.


In fact, we already have a proven track record of providing visually impaired student with the same opportunities to learn and complete the program asany other student.


Student discounts are offered to college students to help ensure that financial burdens do not deprive them of learning opportunities.


For the general student, we have adopted an installment payment system for tuition fees, taking into account economic disparities.


A system is in place to offer online and face-to-face learning as a common course of study to ensure that there is no inequality in learning opportunities due to family circumstances, place of residence, etc.


The Organization’s Complaint/Grievance Policy


In addition to the office contact point that handles inquiries from students and external parties, a separate contact point has been set up to receive questions and concerns that arise during the course of study. The person in charge of this contact point always pays attention to building a relationship with students, and the organization places importance on being able to respond quickly to any problems thatmay arise.